September 17, 2013

I --> US

As a child, a teenager, a young adult, I have imagined a thousand (at the very least) ways of how my BF will propose and how I imagined myself saying YES to his question. I have also "reference" from YouTube, Facebook and friends on how romantic was their proposal and raising my standards as well. I was very sure that I will not settle for anything less romantic.

That day....that very day...I said "YES"

I initially thought that it will be just another vacation in conjunction with our anniversary, spending some cash, sightseeing and enjoying yummy food..until...he decided to spend 500baht on taxi from Patong to Kata Noi for dinner (very rare). 
The view from the restaurant was breathtaking. The ambiance, sound of the sea waves and the rain, it was all worth it. So when I was reading the menu, he surprised me with a bouquet of roses *no wonder he refuses to change the venue* and said "Happy Anniversary dear". 
After the dinner, we stayed a lill longer, *maximizing the taxi fare we paid to enjoy the view* when the waiter came with a rattan covered plate.

All the expectations I had did not matter anymore when he knelt down on one knee saying the magic 4 + 3 words. By the end of the day, all that matters is him. The moment was *in my context* perfect.

I love you, Aaron Phoon Khar Wei. And I am looking forward to a whole life ahead with you.

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