September 17, 2013

I --> US

As a child, a teenager, a young adult, I have imagined a thousand (at the very least) ways of how my BF will propose and how I imagined myself saying YES to his question. I have also "reference" from YouTube, Facebook and friends on how romantic was their proposal and raising my standards as well. I was very sure that I will not settle for anything less romantic.

That day....that very day...I said "YES"

I initially thought that it will be just another vacation in conjunction with our anniversary, spending some cash, sightseeing and enjoying yummy food..until...he decided to spend 500baht on taxi from Patong to Kata Noi for dinner (very rare). 
The view from the restaurant was breathtaking. The ambiance, sound of the sea waves and the rain, it was all worth it. So when I was reading the menu, he surprised me with a bouquet of roses *no wonder he refuses to change the venue* and said "Happy Anniversary dear". 
After the dinner, we stayed a lill longer, *maximizing the taxi fare we paid to enjoy the view* when the waiter came with a rattan covered plate.

All the expectations I had did not matter anymore when he knelt down on one knee saying the magic 4 + 3 words. By the end of the day, all that matters is him. The moment was *in my context* perfect.

I love you, Aaron Phoon Khar Wei. And I am looking forward to a whole life ahead with you.

September 13, 2012

May 12, 2012

Taking things for granted??

I have many friends in their age of 24 and above, some still studying, some just started working, and some worked for several years and are travelling here and there. And I do have friends, that EXPECT ridiculous and expensive things from family just because they graduated or getting married.
I do not know for sure, but sometimes, I feel that people may be too complacent with their life with the support of their family and they do not know how to be independent. I feel that they do not have the motivation to strive to be successful and they are just working for the sake of doing so. Reasons????
In accounting terms, committed expenses are compulsory expenses for the company/family such as clothes, food, water, house and so on so forth for living purposes. For such items, there are no budget as they are our NEEDS.
Discretionary expenses are such as entertainment expenses for employees, claims and etc for a company in which to be addressed based on Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB). When a company is facing liquidity risk, discretionary expenses are first to be cut to save cost. In my context, discretionary expenses are such as buying expensive cars, branded goods, new high-tech gadgets and so on, which are basically our WANTS.
I feel that my generations are abusing the incremental budgeting that their family is applying and that they spend up to their budget and sometimes, ask for an increment to their initial budget. Also, in which that the family do not look into the adverse variances of the budget. (This does not apply to rich family as their cash flow is rather unlimited-people who are rich may ignore my post :D)
Just a random example, someone is graduating, and is it sort of like an obligation for their parents to treat them on a vacation with friends, buy them a car (not myvi, not vios, but BMW, MERC), and etc. To me, are they studying FOR their parents and that when they get good results, parents are supposed to REWARD them? A good present as a note of congratulations, is that not sufficient?  
ZBB should be practiced instead. When someone WANTS something, parents should ask for justification on the purpose of the item, evaluate and then allocate funds for the item.
For many parents that have worked their whole life, have not even enjoy half the things that they buy for their children. To me, people are taking things for granted. They are forgetting the purpose of pursuing tertiary education, the purpose of working, the purpose of life.
They think that they are forced to study for their parents, and forced to work cos its how the society works. I believe the reason is because things are given to them as though its an obligation and that they never have the need to strive for anything in life. People like that, how often do you think they have the motivation to be successful? And when they graduate and start working, their salary are all theirs and they go spend on their WANTS with no parents in mind. Their parents may only appear in mind when they need the cash flow. 
In a company, managers will usually strive to pick positive NPV projects to make sure that the shareholders are happy with the returns. Same thing applies in life. I always believe that we (managers) are supposed to be studying for our future, and the budget allocated to us to study should bring in profit to our parents (shareholders) in the near future. When we work, we should always allocate profit to our family (something like paying dividend) and that will always make one strive for the better and to be successful in life. When we retain our profit (not pay out as dividend), we are supposed to make sure that it will bring more repayment to our shareholders. 
The only difference that I see between a company and a family is just that the parents could not terminate their children. All money allocated to us, should not be taken for granted and should bring back in returns to our parents, maybe in different forms. Besides giving cash, quality time to spend with parents, helping family with chores, talk and listen to them, are also some of the simple returns that our parents look for.

All that being said, what I wish the most for my graduation,  is for my parents to say that they are very very proud of me and my achievement and to get a job ASAP for me to start paying my dividends before its too late for me to do so. I may not get the travel bug yet, I may not have the latest gadgets, a nice car and branded clothes but that does not mean that I do not know how to enjoy, I just know how to prioritize my limited funds and to strive in order to EARN my WANTS. 

Ps: This post may or may not apply to all and I do not refer to anyone in particular. Its just how I feel and my thoughts. For all who are reading this now, irregardless on whether this post may or may not be relevant to you, please spend more time with your parents and tell them always that you love them so much. 

April 17, 2012


Something that I lack. But then again, I am pretty persistent in watching movies and tv series.
Or is it just the nature of human to reluctantly do things they know is right and obligated but persistently do the other that they love and passionate about.
Recently, am kinda applying for job position in several companies (graduating soon *yayyyy*) and wonder, maybe I should look for a job that I will be interested in.
Then again, who loves waking up in the morning, jamming all the way just to work?
Am kinda afraid of what's coming up next for me. Eg. the adult working lifestyle, commitments, work pressure. Fear of the unknown.
This feels like the moment before first day of class, the fear of taking the first step into the next chapter of life.
Oh well, que sera sera and just hope for the best.

January 13, 2012

Reminiscing - part II

Not sure if I still have anyone reading my blog but here goes.
Am very wide awake now, trying to do my assignment, at the same time waiting to watch my OTH S8 and browsing through FB.
So, I know that people always say "never to look back" or "look forward to what lies ahead and not whats past".
But the past determines your future isn't it?
Am looking back now thinking what if and might have been if I had decide and act differently then, will the present change?
Its not like I'm not happy and thankful with what I have today but just wondering if I had done something in the past, will I still have things that I've lost today?
Its true though, the saying that adults behave differently (due to stress I think) and that people change. Sometimes to the point that one could no longer accept the changes.
I know I've changed as well but to a certain extent, I would like to look back and remind myself of who I was. So as to keep myself on track and stop losing things that I can no longer afford to lose.
I started this blog as a young adult, one who knows too little of this world (college/university) and now, am at the verge of stepping into a whole new world (work) hoping that I will not side track or blend in too much into the new world.
I like things the way it used to be.
Simple. Happy. Easy.
But then again, "life is never easy".